A Primer on Preemies About Preemies Premature infants.

Breast milk can be pumped by the mother and fed to the premature baby through a tube that goes from the baby’s nose or mouth into the stomach. For females who can’t provide breast milk , doctors might recommend giving the baby pasteurized human breasts milk from a milk bank, which is considered a safe alternative. Formulation also may be directed at babies whose mothers cannot provide breasts milk when donor breasts milk is not available. Breast milk has an advantage more than formula since it contains proteins that help combat infection and promote development. Special fortifiers may be put into breast milk , because premature infants have higher supplement and mineral needs than full-term infants.Include a few of your business cards, list your website should you have one and your cellular phone. This is an excellent start. With this list you can keep adding to it. You can mail letters, specials, introductory mailings, contact them on the telephone, visit them and track everything you do with them. Additionally, you will see when you research in the Internet directories that there are numerous doctors at one address. This is a great building to visit and fall off some cards. Talk to the receptionist first. They are a great starting point plus they refer business also! Spreadsheet Instructions: 1.