A more scientific and rational method of AIDS is needed.

A more scientific and rational method of AIDS is needed, says expert The Secretariat of the Joint US Program on HIV/AIDS has lost valuable ground by ignoring for a long time the contribution of long-term concurrent relationships to Africa’s AIDS epidemic, claims an expert ahead of Globe AIDS Day on bmj.com. UNAIDS may be adding to the mystification of Supports Africa by marketing a needlessly overcomplicated look at of the epidemic , says Helen Epstein, an unbiased consultant on public wellness in developing countries. She argues that lengthy term, overlapping, or concurrent partnerships provide at least a partial explanation for the staggeringly high infection rates in the overall population in a few African countries, and demands UNAIDS to reassess its handling of scientific data.It could be either due to unplanned pregnancies or where the parents are not ready to have a kid due to any reason. Abortion may also be completed if the being pregnant is must have a negative impact on the mother’s health. It is also a policy of some countries to have a single child per family in order that their population can be controlled. In such cases abortion is performed also. Whereas in a few developing countries, abortions are completed deliberately and without the consent of the mother after realizing that the unborn child is a girl. That is specifically done in folks of low socio-economic position wherein it is believed that having a female child in the family members will increase the monetary burden on the parents.