8-year-old becomes 1st child to get dual hand transplant For the first time ever.

8-year-old becomes 1st child to get dual hand transplant For the first time ever, doctors have transplanted donor hands and forearms onto a child Read more about this drug . Eight-year-old Zion Harvey lost his hands and ft at the age of 2 due to a significant infection that also resulted in a kidney transplant. The little boy appeared at a news conference Tuesday with staff from Penn Medication and Children’s Medical center of Philadelphia , who performed the operation. Many thanks for assisting me through this bumpy street, he said. July and involved a 40-member team of nurses The 10-hour surgery took place in early, doctors and surgeons led by Dr. L. Scott Levin, chairman of the division of orthopedic medical procedures at Penn Medication and director of the hand transplantation plan at Children’s Hospital.

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