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Club Motto: "This is the Great War, everybody dies."

The Great War Historical Society: Honoring those who served in the First World War by re-living and re-enacting aspects of WWI. We are a group of WWI enthusiasts and re-enactors who recreate the life and times of the common soldier of WWI. Based mainly around the Los Angeles/Southern California area, we study and teach about the 'War to End All Wars' through public and school presentations, roundtable discussions and lectures, study groups, online research, and reenactments of trench warfare at our own fully developed battle site with trenches and "No Mans Land." We strive to do it right which is part of the fun, while also being the challenge. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. We have been working hard for the last three years on our new battlefield, and we are pleased with what has come about so far. It is an ongoing process that we are looking forward to seeing what it can become.

If being in the trenches of a WWI battlefield seems appealing to you, we encourage you to contact one of the many different, authentic, and welcoming units in our club. They will be able to guide you in becoming a member of our exciting hobby. This is truly the "re-enactors re-enactment."


A surgical cure for diabetic and obese sufferers Dr.

Over time, many patients are faced with potentially deadly problems affecting the kidneys, eyes, heart and extremities. For many patients, unfortunately, remedies such as diet, hypoglycemic medications and insulin are ineffective, regarding advanced disease especially. Still, says Dr. Rubino, many of us don’t believe of diabetes as a surgically treatable […]

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The hormonal tablets shed uterine lining.

It will also help to keep any possible infections and vaginal pain at bay. The scope of long term pregnancy is not suffering from the medications, and there is no worry of child deformity, infertility or miscarriage as well. PHOs are the primary dietary way to obtain artificial trans fats, […]

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With each new study.

Each year, approximately 160,000 new situations are diagnosed worldwide. Medical procedures effectively cures early disease, but once it has spread to regional lymph nodes or distant sites, a cure is more elusive. Just two therapies in current use have been accepted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for treatment […]

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Actavis settles patent litigation with AstraZeneca over generic version of Crestor Actavis.

Related StoriesGetting correct nutrition throughout life might help protect against osteoporosis in older ageBone density related to duration of lactationDietary calcium better than supplemental calcium in reducing kidney rock formation Within the contract, Actavis is certainly permitted to launch its rosuvastatin zinc alternate salt item beginning May 2, 2016 or […]

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Gerhard Steinbeck.

There have been fewer unexpected cardiac deaths in the ICD group than in the control group . However, this lower is paralleled by an increase in nonsudden cardiac death in the ICD group in comparison with the control group . The effects were almost similar in the three predefined subgroups […]

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In other words.

This is actually the way the medicine works to improve the fitness of an ED patient. Although kamagra is produced for however treating male erectile issue, it really is restricted for males with some severe health problems like cardiac complications, diabetes, hypertension etc. They need strict instructions of their healthcare […]

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Through his websites and radio plan.

And there’s a new Ron Paul video he released today at Infowars.com that people just posted where he says that secession is the ultimate American worth. He continued: America is already gone. We should recognize that, pull out the New World Purchase, prosecute the criminals that have hijacked the Republic […]

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Vaccine Sharply Curbs Chickenpox Instances in U.

Vaccine Sharply Curbs Chickenpox Instances in U.S generic cialis .: – THURSDAY, Aug. 13, 2015 – – Chickenpox instances in the usa have dropped sharply since a vaccine against the disease became obtainable in 1995, a fresh study shows. Also, hospitalizations and outpatient visits for chickenpox possess continued to fall […]

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With significant questions regarding its validity Also.

It really is expected that the counter state in the Edinburgh Courtroom of Session action can lead to the restriction or revocation of Verathon’s patent. Aircraft has also lodged defences at the Courtroom of Session challenging Verathon to set out the basis because of its declare that Aircraft infringes the […]

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Wasting taxpayer dollars at a rate three times the prior year nearly.

All rights reserved.. 2009 report: False Medicare claims cost government a lot more than $47 billion The Associated Press: The government paid more than $47 billion in questionable Medicare claims including treatment showing little regards to a patient’s condition, wasting taxpayer dollars at a rate three times the prior year […]

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According to experts from the University of Wisconsin Paul P.

Carbone Comprehensive Cancer Center . The results provide further evidence that for most women physical activity may reduce the risk of invasive breast cancer, the experts concluded. To gain further insights in to the mechanisms of risk reduction for breast malignancy, the experts investigated the relationship between physical activity and […]

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Where in fact the mutation reaches a frequency of 4 percent.

Carriers show couple of symptoms until middle age usually, but after that age most are symptomatic and have problems with a variety of effects, at most severe sudden cardiac loss of life. ‘The mutation prospective customers to the forming of an unusual protein,’ described the scholarly study leader, Kumarasamy Thangaraj […]

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Critical Care Pharmacy.

ASHP’s strategic plan, professional policies, and advocacy attempts to gain Medicare provider status for pharmacists all support the necessity for a greater number of pharmacists who are ready to provide specialized patient care providers on interdisciplinary teams. To find out more on ASHP Certification Assets, go to ashpcertifications.org.. PRESS RELEASE […]

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And have been shown to lessen the frequency and severity of relapses.

Michael’s Hospital and the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences , adherence to all DMDs can be low, with less than half of individuals, or 44 percent, adherent after 2 yrs continually. ‘There are numerous of reasons why adherence to therapies of proved value may be low,’ says Dr. Paul O’Connor, […]

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People within their 50s Advantage Most From Low-Dose Aspirin.

Experts in preventive medication have determined. People in their 60s can also take low-dosage aspirin to reduce their risk of heart stroke and attack, but they won’t benefit as much, the U.S. Monday Preventive Services Task Push stated in a set of draft recommendations issued. The brand new guidelines serve […]

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Asked the U today.

Related StoriesL-DOPA medication may delay or prevent age-related macular degenerationStudy displays antipsychotic medication increases death risk in individuals with Parkinson's disease psychosisScientists propose that Alzheimer's disease should be treated separately The goal of this meeting is to arm the adolescent onset Parkinson’s disease community with practical therapeutic knowledge, says Dr. […]

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What you need to know about norovirus Deaths from gastroenteritis double in U.

The bag, which contained the cookies and various other snacks, was placed on the resort bathroom floor when the index case began vomiting. Though she hardly ever touched the bag, viral contaminants floated from the toilet to the bag after that to the cookies that the team ate. Despite the […]

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Commented Carl Schmid.

As the International AIDS Conference returns to Washington, DC, july this, the eye of the world will end up being on the U.S. To discover if we are adequately addressing the HIV/Helps epidemic, commented Michael Ruppal, Executive Director of The Helps Institute. President Obama has shown leadership by developing a […]

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