Welcome to the homepage of the Great War Historical Society Where history comes to LIFE!

Club Motto: "This is the Great War, everybody dies."

The Great War Historical Society: Honoring those who served in the First World War by re-living and re-enacting aspects of WWI. We are a group of WWI enthusiasts and re-enactors who recreate the life and times of the common soldier of WWI. Based mainly around the Los Angeles/Southern California area, we study and teach about the 'War to End All Wars' through public and school presentations, roundtable discussions and lectures, study groups, online research, and reenactments of trench warfare at our own fully developed battle site with trenches and "No Mans Land." We strive to do it right which is part of the fun, while also being the challenge. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. We have been working hard for the last three years on our new battlefield, and we are pleased with what has come about so far. It is an ongoing process that we are looking forward to seeing what it can become.

If being in the trenches of a WWI battlefield seems appealing to you, we encourage you to contact one of the many different, authentic, and welcoming units in our club. They will be able to guide you in becoming a member of our exciting hobby. This is truly the "re-enactors re-enactment."


It is most embarrassing in adults.

Eat the proper food As the saying goes, you are everything you eat; consuming the proper meals is a big part of your endeavors of attempting to remove the stubborn acne and acne from your skin. The very best diet for reduction and avoidance of adult acne will include plenty […]

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It really is responsible for over 16.

However, I hope this article has shown you some of the things you should be looking out for. Bowel cancer is much more treatable if it is caught in the early stages if you notice any of the above symptoms usually do not take a chance. Go see your physician […]

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Arthur Reingold.

Heather E. Hsu, M read article .P.H., Kathleen A. Shutt, M.S., Matthew R. Moore, M.D., M.P.H., Bernard W. Beall, Ph.D., Nancy M. Bennett, M.D., Allen S. Craig, M.D., Monica M. Farley, M.D., James H. Jorgensen, Ph.D., Catherine A. Lexau, Ph.D., M.P.H., Susan Petit, M.P.H., Arthur Reingold, M.D., William Schaffner, M.D., […]

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AOAC Research Institute granted PTM SM certification of the Salmonella assay.

The NF VALIDATION research was done according to ISO 16140 standard. A specialist laboratory in the beginning confirmed the technology's efficiency versus the reference technique. Subsequently, 18 different labs spanning seven countries carried out collaborative testing to confirm method robustness. Additional NF VALIDATION studies of the Salmonella assay on seafood […]

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Addiction isnt about poor willpower.

The behavioral issue is a result of mind dysfunction, agrees Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on SUBSTANCE ABUSE. She welcomed the declaration as a way to help her own agency’s function to spur primary care doctors to screen their patients for signs of addiction. NIDA estimates that […]

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APP to launch Topotecan for Injection following FDA marketing approval APP Pharmaceuticals.

APP shall market Topotecan for Injection in 4 mg single dosage vials; the product is preservative-free and bar-coded. ‘Among the first generic entries into the marketplace, APP’s Topotecan for Injection will help reduce the cost of cancer treatment for patients who suffer from cervical and little cell lung cancers,’ stated […]

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The business lead researcher.

Growing other organs will likely hold unforeseen challenges, nevertheless, since organs are so specialized in their functions, scientists stress. Replacing an entire bladder would pose many more complications, including reconnecting urine tubes, blood supply, and nerve signaling, according to Dr. Steve Y. Chung, an Illinois urologist who wrote a commentary […]

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Acne Cheap And Organic Tips Made Easy Periodically one must think about alternative.

In any case, do not panic about your acne and take it daily. And you should be able to get rid of your acne, acne and zits and their symptoms, providing you’ve taken out the cause, so it doesn’t reoccur. By simply following a strategy you’ve developed for yourself and […]

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Acne Treatment: How To Fight Bacteria Acne is an inflamed disease of the skin.

Acne Treatment: How To Fight Bacteria Acne is an inflamed disease of the skin, and it has many causes http://genericsildenafil.org . One particular cause is bacteria that is breeding in the skin pores of the skin. When the body’s immune system is weak, it becomes allergic to this type of […]

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10 Essential Schooling Fundamentals For Burning Fat.

Eat. Fuel your workouts with proper meals and nutrition. Quality protein and carbohydrate, minerals. Experiments a little. No-one thing works for everyone 10 Benefit from the workout as well as your life. You have a job already. Enjoy each of your workout program. That is it. Simple, isn’t it? All […]

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Access to care issues.

Researchers found that seniors who participated in the program saw a 50 percent reduction in their melancholy symptoms weighed against those in a control group. Committee Chair Gordon Smith stated, ‘There really should be no higher concern for all of us in Congress than to repair this’ . This article […]

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Kids in Foster Homes Want Better HEALTHCARE: MONDAY.

‘These kids have already been really traumatized, and they’ve been uprooted from their house,’ Bartosz said. And whatever drove their positioning in foster care, she added, ‘they still love their parents.’ The AAP stressed that children should get yourself a full mental health assessment – – and therapy that specifically […]

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Fast Track is a process designed to facilitate the development.

‘We are extremely pleased to have been conferred Fast Track status for ALKS 5461 as we believe that ALKS 5461 may represent an important option for the treatment of main depressive disorder,’ said Elliot Ehrich, Chief Medical Officer of Alkermes. ‘This designation supports our placement that there is a obvious […]

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But to this day.

But to this day, the FDA refuses to comply with the needs of the American people, who it is supposed to represent, or with the statutory legislation, which is why your help is required to force this rogue agency to finally intensify and do the proper thing. Based on a […]

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The nationwide coalition conference titled https://tadalafilgen.com/generic-viagra.html.

ADA meeting to highlight teeth’s health solutions for disabled and older adults The American Oral Association is extending invitations to those concerned about the teeth’s health of vulnerable older adults and folks with disabilities to attend a national conference and help shape the continuing future of oral health care for […]

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People from all over the global world are losing hair at a rapid speed.

Cheap Hair Transplantation Hair transplantation can be an expensive affair, in case you have chosen Fue hair transplantation especially. However, a cheaper edition is available also, where hairs are used from the various elements of your very own body like your chest, armpits etc. If you have beards, it will […]

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At some point you will be faced with a puppy illness.

Broken bones are very obvious if they deform the pores and skin, and they’re quite dangerous if left with no treatment. The same will additionally apply to any exterior gashes or cuts, especially if excessive bleeding exists. Sign 2: Listing Or Balance Issues These are classic signals of neurological damage. […]

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ACC documents complaint against HHS Secretary in U.

Hospitals do not have the capability or the specialized ability to absorb the influx of individuals. Tests will be delayed, diseases will worsen and patients can be sicker and sicker. Many patients, specifically those surviving in rural settings and urban centers shall lose their access to critical cardiac care. The […]

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