Welcome to the homepage of the Great War Historical Society Where history comes to LIFE!

Club Motto: "This is the Great War, everybody dies."

The Great War Historical Society: Honoring those who served in the First World War by re-living and re-enacting aspects of WWI. We are a group of WWI enthusiasts and re-enactors who recreate the life and times of the common soldier of WWI. Based mainly around the Los Angeles/Southern California area, we study and teach about the 'War to End All Wars' through public and school presentations, roundtable discussions and lectures, study groups, online research, and reenactments of trench warfare at our own fully developed battle site with trenches and "No Mans Land." We strive to do it right which is part of the fun, while also being the challenge. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. We have been working hard for the last three years on our new battlefield, and we are pleased with what has come about so far. It is an ongoing process that we are looking forward to seeing what it can become.

If being in the trenches of a WWI battlefield seems appealing to you, we encourage you to contact one of the many different, authentic, and welcoming units in our club. They will be able to guide you in becoming a member of our exciting hobby. This is truly the "re-enactors re-enactment."


Beaucoup de gens de cancer de cancer le faire en raison et insalubres et malsain.

1 cialis generique . 2. 3. Beaucoup de gens de cancer de cancer le faire en raison et insalubres et malsain. 4. 5. 6. Maintenir un indice de masse corporelle saine est donc important. 7. 8. CARGINOGENIC CARGINOGENIC Celui-ci devrait simple. Simple. 9. 10. Cependant, il est important de se […]

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Spina bifida results from failure of fusion of the neural tube.

An interview with Dr Matt SilverPregnant women with elevated blood-sugar amounts more likely to have babies with center defectsResearchers develop accurate method to predict postpartum diabetesLaura Mitchell and colleagues highlight how up to 70 percent of spina bifida cases could be avoided by maternal folic acid supplementation around enough time […]

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Christopher Metzger.

The scholarly study corporation and participating centers are shown in the Supplementary Appendix, available with the entire text of this content at NEJM.org. The trial was designed by the principal investigators, study chair, and sponsor , in collaboration with representatives of the meals and Medication Administration . The scholarly study […]

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Africa needs additional $3.

Related StoriesResearch locating factors towards developing effective malaria vaccineLess effective medications can help beat malaria even more effectivelySAGE recommends pilot execution of malaria vaccine to protect young children Board people emphasized the need for a rigorous and quick mobilization of elevated domestic resources as well as international donor funding, and […]

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Based on the Nordic SYSDIET research led by the University of Eastern Finland.

The analysis also included a six-month dietary intervention which founded that the recommended diet consisting of Nordic ingredients improved serum lipid profile and, therefore, reduced the risk of coronary artery disease. The healthy Nordic diet plan also decreased the inflammation factor levels associated with metabolic syndrome.. Adherence to nutrition suggestions […]

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Acne Recipe: How To Ensure Zits And Low Self-Esteem Have you ever wondered ways to get acne?

Sluggish bowel transit times. Quite simply they keep carefully the food much longer in the gut. This means that the bacterias have more time to create acne-causing toxins. White flour products are also devoid of practically any nutrients that might clear up your skin. Dairy products will be the third […]

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Niaspan and simvastatin are two broadly prescribed medicines for treating cholesterol.

Niaspan and simvastatin are two broadly prescribed medicines for treating cholesterol. Niaspan is used to raise HDL ‘good’ cholesterol levels, and simvastatin works well in reducing LDL ‘poor’ cholesterol levels tadalafil tablets 20mg . This combination is being submitted for FDA acceptance to address LDL, HDL and triglycerides within a […]

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But who have been abstinent for at least a complete month up to many years.

The findings, which appear in the August 11 issue of Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Analysis, confirms that alcoholics suffer from abnormalities in parts of the brain that control emotional memory space and perception. The emotional changes skilled by a long-term persistent alcoholic cover a wide spectrum. Some of these changes, […]

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Robert Dreicer.

The procedure effect consistently favored the sipuleucel-T group in the assessment greater than 20 baseline characteristics of the patients as effect modifiers . Therapy with sipuleucel-T was also connected with a positive overall survival effect in an analysis that included 18 extra deaths observed between the data-cutoff and study-completion dates, […]

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3 Potential Symptoms of Cancer Cancer is an illness that disrupts the DNA in your bodys cells.

Bleeding does not always indicate cancer but it is almost always an indicator that something is wrong. Therefore, if you see any unexplained bleeding move and see your physician right away. 3) UNEXPLAINED WEIGHT Reduction: – If you start to lose weight and do not know why it could be […]

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21st birthday drinking The 21 for 21 ritual.

Also, the authors suggest that future research should attempt to capture 21st birthday behavior as it’s happening in order to obtain more detailed results.. 21st birthday drinking The ’21 for 21′ ritual, where 21st birthday revelers attempt to down 21 alcoholic drinks, is prevalent among university students highly, according to […]

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Acomplia diet drug shows true promise for sustained weight reduction.

Acomplia diet drug shows true promise for sustained weight reduction, but only if you retain taking it In early clinical trials, Acomplia is looking promising. But with only 3,000+ people tested so far, it’s significantly from being approved by the FDA www.medicine-rx.com . And as effectual as Acomplia is apparently […]

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1 The retractions came only a few months after BioMed Central.

It is therefore no real surprise that the many inventive ways to game the peer-review program to get manuscripts released attended from China. The companies mentioned above that provide fake peer evaluations all result from countries and China in Southeast Asia, & most of the authors involved in these full […]

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Today in The New England Journal of Medicine according to a study published.

Women who had taken goserelin and wanted to have kids also were much more likely to have a baby and deliver a healthy baby. Probably the most distressing unwanted effects of chemotherapy in youthful women with breast cancer are early and sudden starting point of menopause and infertility, stated Kathy […]

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Food and Drug Administration.

The component, known as a feedthru, included a hidden weakness that allowed a very slow leak of drinking water molecules in to the implanted products made up of this vendor’s feedthrus while blocking the passing of much smaller sized helium and nitrogen gases. Until this example, such a condition was […]

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Acai Breeze Acai Diet THAT MAY Blow You Away!

In the event that you had, then you is probably not in the mess you are today. It is a well known fact that not everybody can visit the gym or conduct natural exercises our forefathers utilized to. We’ve the time hardly. Apart from that, because of lack of time, […]

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These monitors have already been made to be installed in dentist chairs.

AIS introduces new line of medically certified LCD Monitors for hospitals American Industrial Systems, Inc. introduces a fresh line of medically accredited LCD Monitors for hospitals and personal treatment industries offer . The medical LCD displays have passed UL60601-1 Medical Equipment Certifications for approved electronic compatibility and dependability in the […]

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Metastasis and systems biology.

The following abstracts will be presented at the press meeting: #A22. Pooled analysis of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase pathway variants and risk of prostate malignancy Embargo: 5:30 p.m. ET, Thursday, Oct. 8, 2009 Researchers have observed a link between a assortment of PI3K gene variants and prostate cancers risk that became stronger […]

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