Welcome to the homepage of the Great War Historical Society Where history comes to LIFE!

Club Motto: "This is the Great War, everybody dies."

The Great War Historical Society: Honoring those who served in the First World War by re-living and re-enacting aspects of WWI. We are a group of WWI enthusiasts and re-enactors who recreate the life and times of the common soldier of WWI. Based mainly around the Los Angeles/Southern California area, we study and teach about the 'War to End All Wars' through public and school presentations, roundtable discussions and lectures, study groups, online research, and reenactments of trench warfare at our own fully developed battle site with trenches and "No Mans Land." We strive to do it right which is part of the fun, while also being the challenge. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. We have been working hard for the last three years on our new battlefield, and we are pleased with what has come about so far. It is an ongoing process that we are looking forward to seeing what it can become.

If being in the trenches of a WWI battlefield seems appealing to you, we encourage you to contact one of the many different, authentic, and welcoming units in our club. They will be able to guide you in becoming a member of our exciting hobby. This is truly the "re-enactors re-enactment."


It has a knock influence on your blood sugar levels which increase for this reason lack of insulin.

– Extreme Thirst . – Fevers. As with DKA, HONK is quite significant condition and requires proper medical assistance right away. I am hoping this article can help you identify the frequently elusive symptoms of diabetes. The symptoms can range from the mild to the severe . However, understand that […]

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Abbott to supply $1 Million in Funding.

This support contains grant financing and donations of critical pharmaceutical and nutritional products to strengthen the capability of humanitarian aid agencies to react to immediate health requirements in Haiti. This includes an initial quantity of pharmaceutical and dietary products that are already used in a hospital in Haiti. These alleviation […]

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Under diagnosed and poorly managed asthma and exercise-induced bronchoconstriction particularly.

ACAAI announced today that they will partner again this year with Teva Respiratory to bring free asthma screenings to communities nationwide. Almost 130,000 people have been screened because the start of the Nationwide Asthma Screening Program, with half of those screened referred for a diagnosis. Continued economic support by Teva […]

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ADHD children and their mothers more likely to have shorter telomeres.

‘It is usually the key reason why parents search for health care to begin with.’ The findings underscore the need for intervening early to handle behavior issues in children to prevent psychosocial stress and shortening of telomeres.. ADHD children and their mothers more likely to have shorter telomeres, say Brazilian […]

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Skincare product is a very individualized product levitra.

4 Important Tests For Skincare Products Many people love to read skincare product critiques before they buy their skincare products. Skincare product is a very individualized product; the products that suit other people may not be suitable for you. If you are thinking of switching in one skincare brand to […]

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Elizabeth Fontaine.

Second, when estimating the price useful, we assumed that the use of methylprednisolone acetate ceased within 4 days after the recall and that all methylprednisolone acetate utilized at each clinic came from NECC. These assumptions might not be true for every facility; some facilities might have halted using methylprednisolone acetate […]

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Manufacturing in India What is an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient?

In betalactams the ongoing company presents both sterile and non-sterile penicillin and cephalosporins along with penams. By maintaining cost leadership, the flexibility to switch manufacturing operations and, the competitiveness in a variety of therapeutic domains, Aurobindo’s API business has been in the very best league, globally. Aurobindo Pharma features among […]

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A growing number of major food manufacturers such as for example Betty Crocker.

This might seem like a problem when trying to eliminate gluten from your own diet, it is a lot easier than you may think however. Your gluten intolerance is definitely more common than you may think but it is a issue that should be addressed. It could be as serious […]

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Louis-Philippe Boulet.

The cause of this disorder can be multifactorial and is normally influenced by both genetic and environmental mechanisms,1,2 with environmental allergens as an important cause.2,3 Inhalation of allergens by patients with atopic asthma induces some of the manifestations of asthma, including reversible airflow obstruction, airway hyperresponsiveness, and eosinophilic and basophilic […]

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New study released in the BMJ.

Shares of Aetna jumped as much as 5 % on Monday after the firm announced its $5.7 billion planned takeover of Coventry Health Care, and in later morning trading these were up 4 % still, at $39.56 . The Wall Road Journal: Aetna TO OBTAIN Coventry Health The purchase also […]

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AGO selects Sheridan Healthcare as strategic partner Sheridan Health care.

The affiliation of procedures like AGO with Sheridan certainly are a result of the relationships we build with companies, and the worthiness they discover in the investments we make to aid our methods and improve patient care,’ stated Robert Coward, President and Chief Working Officer of Sheridan.. AGO selects Sheridan […]

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This helps it be impossible to allow them to follow a diet plan bayer.

5 Reasons to get Phentermine without Prescription Online There are an incredible number of overweight people around the world who want to lose weight quickly and easily but are not capable to do so because they are unable to control their urge to eat a lot more. This helps it […]

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ACOs initiatives to coordinate patient care saved $380 million.

Accountable Care Agencies were created as part of the 2010 healthcare law and started in a series of pilot programs around the united states. Instead of paying health care providers for every service they perform, ACOs concentrate on keeping patients from the hospital . Reuters: U.S. Says Outcomes Encouraging For […]

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If makeup is applied correctly.

Each brush ought to be frequently cleaned with lukewarm water and shampoo. Following every wash, reshape each brush and dry prior to utilizing again thoroughly. Separate brushes ought to be utilized for different shades. You should also replace your brushes every year. Cosmetics brushes make a huge impact, so make […]

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5 percent of MRSA patients in U.

5 percent of MRSA patients in U.S. Died One of every 20 of the roughly 368,600 sufferers treated in U.S. Hospitals in 2005 for Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, died, based on the latest Numbers and Information from the Agency for Healthcare Study and Quality. Most of the patients who […]

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Even if they were of normal weight.

At the beginning of the study the women were asked to measure their waists and hips. Every two years, the ladies finished questionnaires about their health, providing information about their age, activity level, smoking position, diet, blood circulation pressure and cholesterol amounts. The researchers examined the cause of death for […]

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AFA reacts to an Ohio womans statements of an embroyo mix up An Ohio woman.

AFA reacts to an Ohio woman’s statements of an embroyo mix up An Ohio woman, 40-year-old Carolyn Savage, promises a fertility clinic implanted the wrong embryo and that the baby she’s due to deliver the first week in October is not hers. Several media reports condition Savage and her hubby […]

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FLEX Spas synergy to greatly help bolster safety requirements.

AHF, FLEX Spas synergy to greatly help bolster safety requirements, protect public health of patrons During the 1980s AIDS crisis, many American all-male bathhouses, individuals in San Francisco especially, shut down or were forcibly closed in an effort to control the epidemic through the elimination of what has long been […]

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